greek tavli


Tavli is connected with the daily life of Greek people. Because it is the most favorite game for many generations of Greeks, it is normal to see frequent mentions about tavli in literature, in poetry, in cinema, in art generally. As a pure game of the every day Greek person, it is interwoven with the Greek folklore civilization.

Many times of course, it has been accused as a game for lazy persons. But there are a lot the things of our civilization that have been accused as well. Most of them have been re-evaluated and by the time have been restored while tavli in our conscience was and still is in the highest lever of our approval and acceptance.

All these adventures of creativeness and expression are what we will search in these web pages. We will introduce Greek artists who were or still are passionate with tavli. We will see also tavli frame itself as a piece of art. A human creation with practical daily value, that the folklore craftsman and his longing, but also the conjectural artist, give to it other dimensions. is a website dedicated to tavli game. Everything about tavli and its variations all over the world. A creation of