Backgammon is the internationally known name for tavli. It is what Greeks call doors (portes). In backgammon the dice are not played with the hands like in Greek tavli, but with a special pot, in which the player shakes them and let them in the central area of the tavli.

The different things between backgammon and tavli are the following:

1) Backgammon Double cube.

There is a die, the one that is called “Double cube” and has the numbers 2,4,8,16,32 and 64. When a player thinks that has moved more quickly than his opponent and that he will win, then he has the opportunity of using the die of double. In case the opponent accepts the challenge, the winner takes the round double and if he refuses it, he loses the round single. The player that accepts the challenge has the right of using the die of double and proposing another double, with a result of making the game fourfold and so on.

2) Backgammon Triple win.

In case that a player in backgammon has gathered all his draughts while the opponent has not gathered any and one or more of them are in the gathering area of the winner, then we have a triple win.

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